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Inner Cities NA is a community service organization striving to supply the basic food and clothing needs to our underprivileged population and safe housing to homeless women and children. We are a nonprofit organization formed in 2015 and we spread love throughout our community daily through our various programs.

Our focus is to provide the necessities for the needy living in New Jersey inner cities and in surrounding communities. We provide hope through our efforts to promote human dignity and a better life. There are people in our society who lack the funding to pay for a single meal or cannot afford to put clothes on their backs or shelter over their heads.

Homelessness is especially distressful for women. Being homeless without any shelter dramatically increases their exposure to physical and mental abuse, sexual violence, injury, disease, and death. We are the soldiers in society’s army to thwart these evils that befall these unfortunate women. 

Inner Cities NA works as a chain that connects donors with beneficiaries. Our volunteers serve as the substitute family to the needy as we take the donations and match them with the food, clothing and shelter needs of our homeless and underprivileged people. Through donations, we can assist our beneficiaries to regain their lost smiles, repair their shattered self-esteem, and lost sense of security. Your donations bring joy and happiness to the people we serve and help them take the initial steps to rebuilding their lives. Our counseling services facilitate this process.

Any donation in money, food, clothes, or your volunteer time will make a huge difference in the lives of those we serve and allow us to reach out and assist more people. Together, we can create a new colorful spectrum for them and  put them on the path to a productive, happy and self-fulfilling life.

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Inner Cities NA is an NGO & Charitable Trust in the United States of America, directly benefitting over thousands of children and their families every year.

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