Our Inner-city communities are in desperate need of assistance for their homeless population in terms of supplying them with food and appropriate clothing to sustain them, and safe homes for their homeless women and children. It is the mission of ICNA to deliver on these lifesaving endeavors

We accept home-cooked meals by individuals, families, offices, and left-over food from weddingsand other family or group gatherings or events to alleviate the hunger of the poor and homeless. If you have extra food leftover from your home or office, you can make a valuable contribution and help hundreds of people who are struggling with hunger every day.

We can be leaders in our communities by collecting unspoiled, healthy food and giving it to our needy neighbors. By donating food, we are feeding people, not landfills, supporting local communities, and saving all resources used to produce such food from going to waste.

How We Work

We aim to benefit the whole community and help provide food access to those who do not have adequate means of accessing it.

  1. Get in touch:- Donors with surplus food/resources may contact us at our food service center or over the phone.
  2. Quality check:- All Foods will be evaluated based on our Food Safety and Standard Guidelines.
  3. Locate:- We identify the nearby “Hunger Spot, ” as the most neglected area.
  4. Deliver:- Excess food is lovingly distributed to those in need.

Terms And Conditions

To make a donation to our organization, you need to meet the following terms and conditions –

  1. You must follow all food safety guidelines.
  2. You should donate a minimum of 20 meals.
  3. You will need to provide your donation in disposable containers.

We accept food donations between 7a.m. and 10p.m. If you are unable to visit our food bank, our team will pick up food at your place, but you need to call us and book a meal pickup in advance.Once we have received your request, we will get back to you promptly to get the food or meal ready for pickup.

Your food donations are always welcomed at ICNA. We promise to help the poor and starving people combat their hunger with your food.

Please remember that you can also donate essential non-food items such as toiletries and hygiene products to help people in difficult situations with necessities.

Please reach out to us today if you would like to make a food donation near you. Sharing food is a powerful act of society.

Thanks for your support.


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Inner Cities NA is an NGO & Charitable Trust in the United States of America, directly benefitting over thousands of children and their families every year.

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