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My name is Khadijah. I am a music enthusiast and had a very successful career in the music industry for many years, where I promoted many international artists. In the year 2015, one day when I was travelling for my promotional project, I saw a woman crying with her children, asking for some help from a passerby, but no one is listening to her. It was clear from her wounds and pathetic looks that under what trauma she has undergone. I inquired about the reason behind her pathetic situation. She was exceptionally vulnerable because she has faced immense trauma in leaving her home and family. I searched for a nearby shelter for her and gave her some money to reach there. Her pitiful eyes and facial expressions shook me to the core.  I developed a separate soft corner is developed in my heart for such homeless women and needy people from that day onward. That incident changed my life and I have never looked back. 

Instead, I chose to start a community service to help such types of underprivileged people. So, in this way, the Inner City of North America was born.

 We extend holistic support to women in need through our program goal to provide them with safe homes, home-cooked meals and free clothing boutiques to select appropriate and well-fitting clothing. These opportunities found in the vulnerable communities that we serve are only made possible via our strategic and diverse collaborations with private sectors, volunteers, sponsors, and benefactors throughout our Inner City of North America network. Because of your generosity, we are working enthusiastically to make this world a beautiful place for everyone.

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Inner Cities NA is an NGO & Charitable Trust in the United States of America, directly benefitting over thousands of children and their families every year.

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